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 Aspirespace Rocket Engineering Society

Technical papers, books, and articles

Aspirespace has benefited greatly from knowledge and advice passed-on by fellow rocketeers, so it's only fair that we pass on some of our own findings.

The downloadable technical papers below are written in PDF format for which you may need acrobat reader

We hope that you find these useful and educational, though remember that we're an amateur society: there may well be errors or omissions. Please send constructive criticism to Rick Newlands, check out his books at the bottom of this page.

These papers get updated and added to regularly, so do browse again.

Technical papers:

Simple explanations for the general reader:

For High-school students:

For young children:

Here's a link to Dave Cooper's recoding of the Propellant Evaluation and Performance program PROPEP3 which is much more user-friendly than the old PROPEP and will run on 64-bit machines. Here's a zip file explaining what the results file means, and includes an updated list of propellants:

Rick Newlands has written two new rocketry books:

'Rockets and Space for young Rocketeers' is a children’s science book: a guide to home-built rocketry and spaceflight for ages 12 and upwards. It includes a chapter on how to make your own flying model rocket vehicles.

‘The science and design of the hybrid rocket engine’ is a textbook on rocket science, including full instructions for designing, constructing, and safely testing, nitrous hybrid rocket engines, both hobbyist size and man-carrying size. It features content on how to program a trajectory simulator in Excel, and how to plot a bell nozzle.

You can buy these books either in printed or ebook formats direct from the publisher Lulu by searching in the 'buy' section of their website, or from major online book retailers. Search for 'Richard Newlands'