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 Aspirespace Rocket Engineering Society


The ASRVs (Aspirespace research vehicles) were small sounding rocket vehicles built by Aspirespace, using standard "High Power Rocketry" parts and a solid rocket motor. The use of off-the-shelf components allowed the team to gain experience in rocket construction without the need to scratch build everything. As with ADV1, the purpose of these rockets was to test components for Aspire 2 and to provide the Aspirespace team with much needed experience in rocket construction and operation.

The first of these vehicles, ASRV1, was built from a phenolic resin impregnated card body tube, with epoxy/glass 'PCB material' fins and a plastic nosecone. This rocket was successfully launched in October 1996 from a military range near Thetford in Suffolk. It reached an altitude of 4,000ft and transmitted live video footage of the launch site and surrounding area, before being recovered safely.

This flight was followed in March 1997 by the launch of ASRV2, using the same airframe as ASRV1 but with an upgraded solid rocket motor. ASRV2 reached an altitude of 8000 feet and was also successfully recovered.