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British Waverider research

In the late 1950’s British aeronautical engineer Terrence Nonweiler conceived the waverider concept as one method of returning a winged craft from space.

Terry was ahead of his time: the materials required to fashion the sharp wing edges his concept needed are only now being developed. ESA hopes to fly a Mach 8 waverider a decade from now.

Terry became a professor at Glasgow University, where he enthused a group of talented amateurs about waveriders: a design team within the Scottish ASTRA association that some years later (in the 1980’s) embarked on a programme of low-speed free-flying and radio-controlled research models (Marks 1 to 7).

The ASTRA team split-up in rather ignominious fashion, but two of its members: John Bonsor now of STAAR Research, and Rick Newlands now of Aspirespace, continue the work, and carry the waverider flame for Britain.

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Stuart Liddell hand-launches a Mark 7 in front of an astonished visitor from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA. (1989,  a young Rick Newlands is to Stuart’s right).